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ACEStream Channels Links for 2024 – Reliable ACEStream Lists

Acestream Channel Links


ACEStream Channels Links for 2024 – Reliable ACEStream Lists

ACEStream Channels Links for 2024 – Reliable ACEStream Lists

ACEStream is a well-known streaming option that enables users to watch live sports channels on their computers or Android devices. Numerous sports enthusiasts opt for streaming platforms like Sky Sports and ESPN to stay updated on current sports events. ACEStream is a user-friendly and straightforward choice for those cutting the cord. However, to ensure anonymity and protect your online identity, it’s essential to subscribe to ExpressVPN when accessing ACEstream.

What is ACEStream?

ACEStream is a favored choice for sports enthusiasts seeking live streaming channels, such as Sky Sports ACEStream and ESPN ACEStream, to easily catch their beloved sporting events online. This accessibility has propelled its popularity globally.

Widely embraced, ACE Stream is a sought-after application enabling users to enjoy live sports channels on their PC or Android devices. With no account or subscription required, viewers can seamlessly delve into live sports action through platforms like Sky Sports and ESPN, fostering a captivating experience for audiences worldwide.

ACEStream’s soccer channels cater to football fans, offering the thrill of sporting events from the comfort of home. Despite its widespread use, ACEStream acquires content without official permission, rendering it unsuitable for broadcasting.

For those unfamiliar with or yet to explore ACEStream, this guide provides comprehensive insights into getting started and effortlessly navigating the platform.

Because of this, we recommend using a VPN to increase security even further. Do you have questions about using a VPN? The simple procedures to use a VPN and protect your online privacy are as follows:

  1. Get a VPN for safe streaming. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. On your streaming device, download the VPN app and enter your login details.
  3. Open the VPN software and establish a connection to the preferred server. The Switzerland Server is what we advise using for safe streaming.
  4. Visit the official ACEStream website to download the app for your selected streaming device.
  5. Choose Media when the ACEStream player opens.
  6. After choosing “Open Ace Stream Content ID,” type the ID into the field.
  7. Choose Play to watch international sports on ACEStream easily.

What Are the ACEStream Channels Links? How Do They Work?

ACEStream channel links are web addresses that guide users to specific streams hosted on the ACEStream platform. They contain unique identifiers for each stream and grant users access to live or recorded content.

Upon clicking an ACEStream channel link, the software processes the URL and establishes a connection with the corresponding stream. Using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, ACEStream creates a decentralized network where users share bandwidth and resources to distribute content efficiently.

This collaborative approach ensures high-quality audio and video streams, even with limited internet bandwidth, making it an effective platform for multimedia sharing and streaming. Overall, ACEStream channel links enable seamless access to a diverse array of live and pre-recorded content through the power of peer-to-peer networking.

How do you access the ACEStream Channels List on multiple devices?

The ACEStream App can be downloaded on a variety of streaming devices as follows:

How to Access ACEStream Channels on Windows?

The steps to install ACEStream on Windows are as follows:

  1. Open the website on your favorite browser.
  2. Get the Ace Player HD application.
  3. Install the Player on your Windows device by accepting the licensing terms and conditions.
  4. Unchecking the “Visit Ace Stream Website and test the installed software” option will allow you to proceed with using the app.
  5. Open Ace Player, then click on Media.
  6. Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and fill out the box with the content ID of the channel you want to watch.
  7. Press Play to watch modern sports via the links on the ACEStream Channel.

How to Access ACEStream Channels on Android?

To install ACEStream on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Ace Player can be downloaded via the Play Store or the website.
  3. On your Android device, install the Player and open the app.
  4. Choose the menu in the upper-right corner and type the channel’s Content ID into the field.
  5. Press Play to easily watch the top sports on ACEStream.

Additionally, we advise utilizing a dependable Android VPN for extra security and online safety.

How to Access ACEStream Channels on iOS?

On the other hand, ACEStream is limited to Android and Windows platforms. iOS devices are unable to access it. Thankfully, Soda Player allows iOS users to solve the issue. It will enable you to stream the media you want on your iOS smartphone. To access ACEStream Channels on iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Access by using your browser.
  2. Download and install the Soda Player app on your iOS device.
  3. Open the Soda Player application and input the content ID of the desired streaming channel.
  4. Select the “Play” button to begin streaming without limitations or difficulties.

Note: If you cannot access the Soda Player website, downloading the Soda Player APK from your chosen website is advised.

How to Stream ACEStream Channels on Kodi?

Here’s how to use Kodi to broadcast ACEStream:

  1. Open the Kodi app, then select Settings.
  2. Click on Add Source after selecting the File Manager.
  3. Choose the option that says to copy and paste:
  4. Choose “OK” and give the repository a name. For instance, “LazyKodi.”
  5. Return to Kodi’s main screen, select Add-ons, and then click the Add-on Installer (Box Icon) in the upper left corner.
  6. Pick “Install from Zip file” and go to the Androidaba > Repositories under LazyKodi >.
  7. To add to your repository, click on it.
  8. Choose Kodil Repository > “Install from Repository.” Click Install after choosing Program Add-ons > Plexus.
  9. Return to Kodi’s main screen, choose Add-ons, and open Plexus.
  10. Use the Plexus ACEStream Add-on to live-stream sports. First, pick “ACEStream”: Play hash/Torrent URL. Next, copy a Content ID from the list that appears. Copy and paste it here.
  11. You’re ready to start streaming sports on ACEStream. Just wait for the stream to begin.

ACEStream Subreddits

The following is a list of a few subreddits:

  • NFL = /r/nflstreams
  • NHL = /r/nhlstreams
  • NBA = /r/nbastreams
  • NBA = /r/nbastreams
  • Boxing = /r/boxingstreams
  • NCAA Football = /r/cfbstreams
  • NCAA Basketball = /r/ncaabballstreams
  • Soccer = /r/soccerstreams
  • MMA = /r/mmastreams
  • WWE = /r/wwestreams

Benefits of Links to Updated Acestream Channels

The following are a few advantages of ACEStream Channels links:

  • Some streams allow users to adjust audio dubs and subtitles, catering to various viewing preferences and enhancing the overall experience.
  • The P2P protocol ensures superior audio and video quality compared to competitors, even with limited internet bandwidth.
  • ACEStream supports full HD and 4K content streaming, delivering exceptional viewing experiences on compatible devices.
  • It is compatible with famous media players like Wise Play and VLC, offering flexibility and accessibility in content consumption.
  • New content can be easily added through provided links, and ACEStream hosts various content types.
  • Users can create playlists for convenient organization and access to favorite content.
  • ACEStream is entirely free and ad-free. It provides a seamless experience on Windows and Android devices and is compatible with leading streaming devices like Smart TVs.

Updated Acestream Links – 2024

We have compiled a variety of channel IDs to make streaming the ACEStream Channels easier for you:

ACEStream Entertainment Channels

The content IDs for the entertainment channels that Ace Stream offers are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
FOX Sport 1 9a8fd4918cb4f864e0d63a6821a55806f68dc0cc
beIN Sports 7064ed08ee876a36061d43b646a00524f27141fd
ESPN 3e0ba6867173f345d482d80c771f1a5dc3b37e63
TVP d31d828052a432246e59e7d0d640bd55a64f1859
TSN 1 7f9de594019b35ab84b44d1015f31ca9c8ca7813

Football – Sports Channels (UK)

The content IDs for the UK sports channels that are accessible on Ace Stream are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
SKY SPORTS Main Event UK f01dd99ffaa3b1d271ff1f14cc57ecb38a86dbbb
SKY SPORTS Arena HD UK 1c14883164419285b005a7f96d502489e80b8dc4
SKY SPORTS Action HD UK 88ed3eb027715170bbc30d6e6278401917901c2c
SKY SPORTS 1 UK e061202217ea02d1c62e03688eaa3a60ee7b6829
SKY SPORTS 2 UK e524f1380a0f1549895f6727368c8ddffb3a8c37
SKY SPORTS 3 UK c4ff54b834532047fc0aa1779d17281f193d6938
SKY SPORTS 4 UK 2d90f57b2c8a5e12b30fed41b6b5ac7a122f68ca
SKY SPORTS 5 UK bd90b972fafedec4211b18b6c34a5c2253ae94de
SKY SPORTS Cricket HD UK bd58392b1180b79c50439bd8beb051ea1d56fa38
SKY SPORTS Football HD UK 9eba690be925a98e8aecfc758070b874e19260c6
SKY SPORTS Premier League UK 92376ea16e80c90f2727c49e05fc5e4b75eae3e9
SKY SPORTS Golf HD UK 7f0f325c3eafce8bfedfc43a9ddb13f063bf0879
SKY SPORTS F1 HD UK 38d2c3762a9fbcb18031b18e7dba3a20bdbbaf59
EIR SPORT 1 UK 75703cf02401ba8a402c77989bfaaf3895cb12ea
EIR SPORT 2 UK 0cec6c0299c99f45c1859398d150c3a48e6d8b2e
BT SPORT ESPN UK c880ed219ebc35a1a9ab59fe12260c59b25ab406
PREMIER SPORTS UK e4d9f7188e4403523c32717a98093671f8931101
RACING UK 6326e6d9072a6c89c34635c399c40c847838f912

AFN Sports HD Channels Lists

The AFN Sports Channel content IDs that are accessible on Ace Stream are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
AFN Sports HD – 12 months 99e4657478e7b768ace5281ece419f9899e663e2
AFN Sports HD – 1 Year 99e4657478e7b768ace5281ece419f9899e663e2
AFN Sports HD – 8 months 1202c004338963090e2da1e960392f3a12b24177
AFN Sports HD – 12 months 1202c004338963090e2da1e960392f3a12b24177

Formula 1 Acestream Channels Links

The content IDs for the Formula 1 Sports Channels that Ace Stream offers are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
[HD] [Sky Sports F1] 669e45e020889a252e934e17633f2b65b3f98708
[HD] [Sky Sports F1] 2e56d6b689ca51f13986004138884abb4883541c
[HD] [Sky Sports F1] da98022b9411276b0cc52abe9a4c8447585a42ee
[HD] [Sky Sports F1] 16d9b3d8dd64f914a5750f0a0f30ff977421bd29
[SD] [Sky Sports F1] f3122e3ac928c805e8244438d5b954bd77ae960c
[HD] [Sky Sports F1] 5101cac5caeb452a10441d3501cd138d8623e8d3
[520p] [Sky Sports F1] 218963ea8f0f38e10e38a8d1d55bcf316ae5da16

Football – Sports Channels (US)

The US Sports Channels’ content IDs that are accessible on Ace Stream are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
WWE NETWORK US 2999a870ac53f3c123e723167dca0e8baff21def
FOX SPORT 1 9a8fd4918cb4f864e0d63a6821a55806f68dc0cc
BEIN SPORTS US 7064ed08ee876a36061d43b646a00524f27141fd
TSN 1 7f9de594019b35ab84b44d1015f31ca9c8ca7813

Stream 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones

To view Game of Thrones 8 Seasons on Ace Stream, use this content ID:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel ID
[SD] HBO 3ad069ce53c13e4645bf50bfd2cb470750c5399d

Watch UFC Fight Night on Ace Stream

The UFC Fight Night content IDs that are accessible on Ace Stream are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
Fox Sport 1 US 6a3b3e9ac8421d471784c0dda3db235dd14aed30
Fox Sport 2 US acaabe49d0ccdb933f8af082b99c79e599388365
BT Sport 1 c86789ad78c1859f3a0e649f57138e6c8248ef27
BT Sport 2 11c0059038fab62112d6d561e3ea8c10c2dedd59
BT Sport 3 5a4cfb20808ee9d81ac8154eab4fffc08d9e4583

Football – Sports Channels (International)

The content IDs for international sports channels that are accessible on Ace Stream are as follows:

Channel Name Ace Stream Channel IDs
EXTREME SPORTS d8f15fa7affd8a41f53dae7d0b6091f46f7967ba
ELEVEN HD POL 9af6e701ebae1408c1b0d98fd1e309d1ff800217
CANAL+ POL 17f0b2fcd49baba34c2a601f5120c6a440bc89f1
CANAL+SPORT HD POL 9c49b233876731d02aa9d0a586381a9e9ff6a644
TVP 1 333bbad5063ae7ca464958e3138e8e0a5166d99f
NSPORT HD POL 27399f672dc8fdbaea405dd8f94555d5868de931
TVP SPORT HD POL a22c99488ee267b684b281760431fae72e887eae
POLSAT SPORT HD POL 96694c37ca8c5b64eeb35314b3461bf2dab03042
EUROSPORT 1 HD POL 3492f732afe556df499f03c617b3ca69634eb86b
ZIGGO SPORT VOETBAL NL d5a5b2c97dfc0624a5fd5eb121a0014e0193219b
ZIGGO SPORT EXTRA 1 NL 75ba5470b6c81f3a46cd9f1eaa81a49f2b8ce109
ELEVEN SPORT HD POL 96694c37ca8c5b64eeb35314b3461bf2dab03042
ELEVEN EXTRA HD POL 3be1ca335167d453e9fbbdc5f73a9ea6adee083c
CANAL+SPORT 2 HD POL f00e6dc58e57f500cde35db3fb1f24193cbe1e99
SUPER TENNIS HD, IT 5c40bb4a163fe01ad299ca564047af35b3f4f280
SKY SPORTS 1 IT 986ea9418dd4604df704e04ff9dc44948562d839
A Sport HD TR 85ba1e6372f065215e7be4c36427395fe7605c8b
POLSAT SPORT EXTRA HD POL 6798319351409f1f99617cfe2ea562748771ddfc
BEIN SPORTS 1 FR 00ec28a5137eff6e4274f28391e9577bc885f32b
EUROSPORT DE 116d6a4aaf1f23580f224583a5de63adb59b7caf
VIASAT FOOTBALL SK 9a5af1f1957445b090dea738b925875d1c91b7c5
SFR SPORT 1 FR 05665fa2a1f1ec62e62920cfec3751a0e9586f0d
ZIGGO SPORT EXTRA 2 NL de5c617162d0a7aaa5c15034c7b51671fbcc72a2
C MORE SPORT HD SWE 3b85ee777663c6d5409dd5dc15f1403b19c877bf
DIGI SPORT 1 RO 1c8963217116ba5be7330f3b3d53a64945ef6ac6
DIGI SPORT 2 RO 24c35436605b2f39fbf7a1e13213bf6df2249a82
DIGI SPORT 3 RO 78468aadf7cb54564f4cc4147b7e7b3d576dbba9
DIGI SPORT 4 RO 35f92608c573da5e6f3615e80bca55c14663efb0
SPORT TV 1 HD PT c175f79bfa5698dff00ae3467068336019b3912e
SPORT TV 2 PT 89122d5e60866e9127a5f3849170031b16402adc
SPORT TV 3 PT cf72f0fa0cee438cca43f2ea8299d04d1bf4c9d5
BEIN LA LIGA ES f5fc0d3847c7027cfbe7d6c6c64bf76191de02b1
BEIN SPORTS 1 ES 2e6eea7aa2f35516fadf7046bdb5cc3fe08261bc
DOLCE SPORT 5 RO 9a2f12aba70b745586fa3c47fa404451acfd9110
SPORT 1+ DE 02d7a8c47e049589bdc1618f9939fcd07326b650
SPORT DIGITAL HD DE f62005a3d1cb2ac0396357dc0b245c8cd64805da
SKY SPORT NEWS DE 7b1654c70e925413a0576736eb3ece679c3a364d
SKY SPORTS 1 DE e10b216f056d5183bb3c785f074e7d0abea93a7f
SKY SPORTS 2 DE e6d7a349c9a6f9e231b713e46e927fa4df84c61b
SKY BUNDESLIGA 1 DE 30fb246c92a76538e186d4119ed2287bdff1c439
DOLCE SPORT 6 RO 1af3232d1bd5b320838c0fee8b366bc5b39a544b

How Do You Completely Uninstall the AceStream Media Center?

The Ace Stream Media Center can be uninstalled in three different ways:

Via Apps and Features or Programs and Features

  1. To open the Run command box, use the “Windows + R” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Paste “C:\Users\VMS\AppData\Roaming\ACEStream\Uninstall.exe” into the command box after copying and pasting the uninstallation string link.
  3. To uninstall the media center, adhere to the instructions on the screen.

Using the Run command box

  1. Locate and select the Start Menu.
  2. Write “Features and Apps.”
  3. Now, find Ace Stream Media Center on the list and click on it.
  4. To end the program, tap Uninstall.

Via the uninstaller.exe

  1. Navigate to the Ace Stream Media Center installation folder on your streaming device. Either the “C:/Programs file” or the “C:/Program Files (x86)” should contain it.
  2. Search “uninstall.exe or uninst000.exe” for the file name.
  3. You can initiate the uninstalling procedure by double-clicking the file.
  4. Congratulations, the media center has been successfully uninstalled.


What is Ace Script for Acestream?

An unofficial, open-source Chrome addon for Acestream is called Ace Script. It is available for download and installation from the Chrome Web Store. We do not advise using it on your system since it may compromise the security and privacy of your machine.

Is Acestream still a thing?

Yes, Ace Stream is the preferred streaming service for free international sports content.

How do I open the AceStream link in VLC?

The most current version of the VLC media player can be downloaded and installed from its official website. Open the VLC player after installation, select “Media” from the Menubar, and then select “Open Network Stream” from the dropdown menu. On your screen, a network protocol popup will appear. Click the “Play” button after entering the Acestream channel link to “Please enter a network URL.”

How do I watch AceStream?

You need to download and install the Ace Stream App on your streaming device to stream it. Once installed, you can use any suitable media player or software to access the Ace Stream link.

Is Acestream free to use?

Yes, Acestream is a free peer-to-peer decentralized media platform. Acestream lets you stream the media of your choice without downloading any files.

How does Acestream media work?

Acestream is a peer-to-peer media network that allows users to broadcast and watch live-stream videos using BitTorrent technology. Users can stream videos using an Acestream video feed while concurrently downloading and uploading the same video to other peers.

Is ACEStream safe to use?

Acestream is secure and authorized software. It is free to download and install on both Android smartphones and PCs.


In conclusion, ACEStream remains famous for accessing live sports channels and offering various content to sports enthusiasts worldwide. Despite unauthorized content acquisition, it provides a seamless streaming experience across multiple devices. Remember to prioritize online security using a reliable VPN service when accessing ACEStream.

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