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Privacy Policy

StreamHinge prioritizes the privacy and safeguarding of user data as our foremost concern. All our policies and clauses are meticulously crafted in alignment with this commitment, exclusively applicable to No external entities, including third parties or affiliates, are authorized to access user information.

These policies are subject to potential changes or updates in response to evolving circumstances.

Data Collection by StreamHinge:

Our data collection is geared towards enhancing site user experience and improving our services.

Automated Data: Upon visiting our site, automated communication occurs through cookies. These small files stored on your computer transmit specific automated data, such as browser type, visit duration, language, and clicks per visit.

User-Generated Data: Data provided by users, including feedback, poll responses, and survey participation, is collected and analyzed through comments, likes, shares, and other interactions on articles or blogs.

Mobile: When accessing our site via mobile devices, we may gather information about your location or device, using it to provide relevant information, advertisements, services, and customized content.

We do not share any collected information with third parties or affiliates unless required by law, in which case we proceed only with your explicit permission.

How We Use Your Data:

StreamHinge stores and utilizes data solely to enhance the user experience for all readers and users.

Data collected through automated channels and user participation is employed to improve content without sharing with third parties, ensuring confidentiality. The same data is also utilized for research purposes to curate engaging and interesting topics for our users.

Affiliates and External Links on StreamHinge:

External links to third-party entities, advertisers, and affiliates may be present in our blogs, articles, and web pages. It’s important to note that StreamHinge has no control over these links and associated websites.


Upon clicking these links, you are redirected to external pages, and StreamHinge is not responsible for any data-related occurrences on those pages. It is advisable to review the privacy policies of these pages before proceeding with any actions on the provided links.

How StreamHinge Protects Your Data:

Our databases are highly secure and encrypted to ensure the protection of all collected data. Our technical experts continually work to safeguard your data from any potential misuse by third parties for illegal or unethical purposes.

If there is any indication or suspicion of a data breach, kindly inform us promptly with all relevant details for appropriate action.

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